5 best smartwatch compatible with android and ios

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The trend of smartwatches was begun in 2015 and till now the technology of smartwatches has improved a lot. Now we have lots of smartwatches from different brands. Now we have a smartwatch for everyone like we have some watches for women some for men. Smartwatches can’t match the level of the smartphone but still, the technology of smartwatches has evolved a lot.

Now smartwatches can perform lots of functions like you can search anything in smartwatch with your voice, track your exercise and you can pay the payment through the watch.

So, here is the list of some best smartwatches which you can buy in 2018


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Compatibility: IOS                                                     Display: 1.53″ OLED

Storage: 8GB/16GB                                                    Battery:18 hours

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth,Nfc                        Charging: wireless

Processor: S2 dual-core                                           Price: 329$

Apple watch series 3 is very easy to use and has lots of health and fitness tracking feature and it can run any app, plays music. This watch is water resistant which means you can wear it while swimming and jogging.

Series 3 also has4G LTE radio system which provides data and cellular connection which helps you to make calls send messages and lots of tasks which you can only do in your phone now you can do in your watch.

This watch can monitor your heart rate. This watch has a potential to catch the health problem early on and warn you. Apple watch is one one of the best health tracker as compared to all other watches.


  • The battery life of this watch is too short it can last upto only 18 hours.
  • Apple always use the same design the watch looks same as series 2




Compatibility: Android, IOS                                                 Display: 1.3″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED

Storage: 4GB                                                                               Battery: 3 Days

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G                                      Charging: wireless

Processor: Dual-core 1.0GHz                                               Price: 300$

This watch is best for Android users. This watch comes with super AMOLED screen plus GPS and the attractive thing it’s battery can last upto 3 days. This watch is compatible with both android and IOS.

This watch is also water resistant upto a depth of 50m so you can also wear it during swimming or in rain.


  • The major drawback of this watch is it’s size the size is too big and the watch looks very large on wrist
  • This watch doesn’t support lots of apps




Compatibility: Android 4.3+, IOS 8+                                                Display: 1.4″ 400 x 400 OLED

Storage: 4GB                                                                                             Battery: 24 hours

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1                                                     Charging: magnetic connecting pin

Processor: MediaTek MT2601                                                            Price: 128$

You may be never heard of this brand as it’s the new and small brand. The one of he main attractive part of this watch is it’s price it costs 128$ which is too less then other watches. This watch performs every function perfectly it has a GPS and heart rate sensor.

All of the basic fitness features are available you won’t have to take your phone out while exercise


  • You won’t be able to receive the phone call like apple watch
  • The charging method is not so elegant




Compatibility: Android and IOS                                                         Display:  1.2″ AMOLED

Storage: 4GB                                                                                               Battery: 2 Days

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G, NFC                                            Charging: Wired

Processor: Snapdragon Wear 2100                                                    Price: 260$

This watch is for those who wants a classy, round smartwatch that will work on both IOS and android.  This watch has heart rate sensor and Google fit or Huawei workout app which will keep tabs on your workout sessions. You can also pair it with bluetooth earbuds to listen songs without using phone.

It has IP 68 water resistant and can handle 30 minutes in 1.5 m deapth. It also has  Wear OS which runs smoothly on watches and it’s battery can last upto 2 days.


  • Screen size is too small which sometimes irritates you
  • You can;t wear it while swimming




Compatibility: Android and IOS                                                         Display:  TBC, 1000 nits

Storage: 2.5GB                                                                                           Battery: 3-4 Days

Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC                                                              Charging:  Proprietary charger

Processor: Dual-core 1.0GHz                                                                Price: 200$

Fitbit has launched it’s fitbit versa smartwatch, design of this watch is too good and this is one of the light weight watch. You can store more than 300 songs and you can connect bluetooth earbuds.

This watch also has  a heart rate sensor, smart tracker and it guided your breathing sessions. It is water resistant to 50m. You can also pay payment through it and access your fav. apps.


  • Feels a little cheap and childish

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