American Multinational Technology

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What comes through your mind when you heard the word of “America”? a united states? The modern technology that growing fast? Or maybe Obama, the well known president? Well, I am not going to talk about neither Obama nor America itself. I am going to discuss about the fast growing technology in American multinational technology. Multinational technology is technologies which plays an important role in globalization. The American Multinational
Technology is about Technology Corporation which includes computer technology, environmental health technology, and business.
There are many kinds of the American Multinational technology which are well known in the world, and here are some of them; The first is, IBM or International Business Machine Corporation, it is as one of American multinational technology. It is a company and consulting cooperation which located in New York. It produce software and hardware computer and provide consulting service and many others. IBM is famous in 2005 as top 20 the best workplace for commuters. This corporation is well known of their research on nano wires and develop cheaper and efficient solar cell using latest technology.
Next on American multinational technology is still about the multinational computer technology. it is called Kingston Technology Corporation. Located in California, these multinational technology corporations offers flash memory products beside develop and produce memory related to computer products. Kingston Corporation is known as the second largest supplier in flash memory in the world.
Oracle Corporation which focused in develop and sell hardware of computer and software computer products is also include in one of the largest American Multinational Technology. This corporation located in California and ranked as number three largest software producers beside Microsoft and IBM.
Last but not the least, PerkinElmer, Inc which specialized the corporation not only in human but also in environmental health, such as; food products, consumer’s safety, drug discovery, biotechnology, life science research, industrial application and many others. As one of the American Multinational Technology, this corporation works by inventing analytical instruments, diagnostic tools, medical components, and many other which in the area of human and environmental health.

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