July 14, 2024



Now a days, most of the teenagers are on the dating apps.  Normally, teenagers between the age group 18-27 can be easily found on the dating apps. These apps are very easy to use and you can easily find your partner here. Today, these apps have become the normal way to meet people and ask them out. But sometimes these apps sucks ask anybody who is on a dating app can easily tell you the reason why these apps sucks. But I think you should try these apps at least once.

Now we have lots of dating apps and most of the people only aware of tinder. So, here I create the list of some of the best dating apps you can try to find out some matches.



Tinder is one of the most famous dating app. I think we all heard of Tinder from our friends and cousins. Tinder is one of the best app for forming long distance relationship.

For using Tinder you have to be older than 18. Previously, for using tinder you have to link your facebook account with tinder but now it’s all up to you whether you want to link or not. For creating an account you have to write the bio consisting of 500 characters and you can add up to 6 photos and in a discovery setting, you can add your preferences.

Tinder shows you the photo, age, and name you can tap on the image for more information. Tinder gives you three choice you can right swipe if you like them, Left swipe if you don’t like them and super like if you wanna show them you really like them. If both swiped right then a screen will appear showing that you have matched and invited you to message.  Tinder has some bugs and spam account which sometimes irritates a lot. Tinder has more then 100 million downloads which mean there is a very high chance of getting a partner.


You don’t have to link your Facebook account with your OkCupid account. Once you filled you create a username and filled a very long profile you can link it to your Instagram account.

In this app, you have to answer a bunch of question and on the basis of your answers this app will try to find the matches

To browse the someone you like you will surely gonna tap on the “match” option but instead of showing the matches it shows the people you can potentially match. Like Tinder, you can also Like people and message them in the “Quickmatch” option.

This app is also as famous as Tinder. The size of the photos is little small and for a larger size photo, you have to tap on the image and when you exit back to the list there is no guarantee that the list will be in the same order. The worst thing is you have to upgrade to see the people who liked you.


In this app, you have to link your Facebook account to create a profile. After creating an account you have to input your preference. Once you have done all these things this app gives you “Bagel” which is your potential match. You have 24 hours to like the Bagel and if both liked each other then the chat room will open where you can chat. The chat room will expire after 8 days.

It’s one of mine favorite dating app. It gives you matches according to your preference and you can add up to 9 photos. The best thing is the chat room expires after 8 days so,  it gives you a pressure to exchange your phone numbers.

Sometimes the bagel doesn’t match your specified preference. Most frustrating thing is it sometimes give you a single bagel a day and if you want to use “give and take” option then you have to spend your 385 beans. If you want to pass your bagel then you have to write a reason which is very weird.


Happn is a local dating app which use your GPS to find the people near you. This app shows you the people you have crossed path with. If you want to talk to them then you have to like them and the person you like will not find your like until they also like like but if you want to show your interest then you have to use charm button which you can buy with real cash.

The profile creation is very easy you have to add photos, age, name, hobby, profession, and interest.  You can link your Instagram account to add photos and you can also link Spotify to see whether your music taste align or not.


Bumble is a little bit similar to Tinder. The one of the biggest feature which makes it different from other dating apps is in this app the girl has to message first within 24 hours. After 24 hours the connection will disappear but if a guy wants to give the girl more time to message then he can extend the time limit.

You don’t have to link facebook account. You just have to add your phone no. and then you can add the profile. Creating a profile in this app is too easy. The profile and settings are similar to Tinder but here if you swipe up you can see the additional photos instead of super like. This is an only dating app that clearly states prominently that it prohibits pornographic material. The 24-hour time limit put the pressure on the girls to at least say hello.

If You are a girl who really hates starting a conversation then this app is not for you. In this app, girls have to start the conversation due to which lots of girls may not use this app.


So, guys, this is the list of my favorite top 5 dating app. Tell me in the comment section which is your favorite app and also tells me whether you use dating apps or not.

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