July 14, 2024



Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networking sites. It has more than 200 million active monthly members sharing more than 55 million images 15 billion likes per day. Everybody wants to increase followers on their Instagram account.

According to Forrester study, Average Instagram engagement rate for brands is 58 times higher than Facebook which is awesome. Instagram is becoming the best platform for the brands and influencers to grow an audience.

Now a days, everybody wants to have more than 10k followers. It’s pretty difficult to reach this target but it doesn’t mean that it impossible with just little efforts you can easily reach to this target.

If you follow the following steps you will definitely reach this target.



If you just join Instagram and you have less than 200 followers then this is the best way to increase the followers on Instagram, Lots of pages and brands join these groups.

You can easily find the engagement groups of travel, beauty, and more. In these groups, you can the people who have shared their interest they will easily follow you.

These groups can help you to increase more than 1,000 followers on Instagram within 2-3 weeks which is quite good. This is a short-term strategy for the first few weeks.



If you want to increase the followers on Instagram then you can promote your page to BUZZFEEDIt has a massive audience and it’s the best platform to promote your Instagram page.

Buzzfeed has a community section where anyone can post their content but you have to follow Buzzfeed guidelines to get visibility.

If you want to share your website link as well then you can use HARO, It helps you to share your website link as well. It helps you to target more users to your website and Instagram at the same time.


This technique helps you to increase followers and likes on your Instagram account. Usually, a photo has only four hours before it gets lost within the news feed so, you should post at a right time to get more like and more users.

Usually, the majority of Instagram users log in when they are free or they have an extra time so try to post at that time. For example, if most of your followers are students then you should post on your Instagram account in evenings.

I think the best time to post something on Instagram is in the morning between 8-9 because most of the people are traveling at that time from there home to a job, school or college.

In the evening the best time to post on Instagram is between 6-7 because at that time most of the students are free and some people are traveling to there home.

You can share your post between 10-11:30 at night because at this time most of the users us their Instagram before going on a bed.


This technique helps you to gain more than 1,000 followers within a day. You can host the giveaway contest on your website and include an option to follow you on Instagram and other social media. It helps you to gain more users on the website and on your Instagram as well.

If your audience size is small then you can reach to other giveaway blogs they will help you to spread your giveaway contest, They will charge some amount and helps you to reach more audience.

Giveaway contest helps you to gain thousands of followers within 1-2 days. It also helps you to gain loyal followers.


If you only want to increase your follower then you should use hashtag which describes your post. You can use maximum 30 hashtags. These hashtags help you to get more likes.

Please try to use those hashtags which have more followers, These hashtags help you to build more audience.

If you post something on Instagram at a right time using these hashtags, you will definitely see a growth in your followers.


If you want others to follow you, then you have to follow them as well. If you follow more people the more followers you will gain.

This method is applied to all social media sites. In other words, you have to be active on your page

You can search for the pages that share your interest and follow their followers and you can share their post or You can even ask them for a shoutout.

You have to use this technique constantly to increase the followers.


After gaining some followers, you should try to share relevant post so that they won’t lose their interest from your page. Try to post frequently but please do not post hundreds of post a day. If you post hundreds of post a day their timeline will gonna fill with your post and they will unfollow you.

I think you should share up to 20 or 25 posts a day and won’t share all the post at the same time.

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