Fast Loan With A Long Payback Period

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People get payday loans for a huge number of reasons. Some need the money to pay off the mortgage. Sometimes the utilities are too expensive, one is overdue on his or her credit card, or an emergency situation arises. A simple loan can prevent a company from reporting late payments to a credit bureau and prevent late fees from accumulating. Everybody has an occasion where they just need a little more money than they have immediately available. Payday loans are perhaps the best way to quickly get money when it is urgently needed.

However, for some people payday loans can be problematic. Payday loans must be paid off in 14 days, one pay period, and it can be difficult to get the money to pay off a loan in this amount of time. For many people it can turn into a cycle: you get a payday loan to pay the mortgage, but in 14 days you go back to ask for more money- to pay off the initial loan. While payday loans are a great form of emergency cash, the above problem can make them difficult for some people to take out and use. is a website that offers a great way to solve this problem. Rather than giving one only the length of a pay period to pay off a loan, 100dayloans gives what the name says: every loan period is 100 days. No matter the size of the loan, you have 100 days to pay it back. This obviously makes it much easier to pay back the loan, and much harder for someone to fall into the cycle of borrowing to pay off debt.

Of course, the loans are small, no more than $500, but 100dayloans also allows one to take out multiple loans at once. Furthermore, they wire the money directly to your account for free, so there are no fees taken out of the money. The website acts as a search engine for a team of accepted lenders, so it can also find the best loan at the lowest interest rate possible. This frequently means getting more money than one asked for, but also guarantees that the expense will be the lowest available.

Payday loans are a very important financial product, but have some problems. 100dayloans and similar websites aim to fix these problems and are doing an excellent job at making payday loans generally affordable.

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