July 14, 2024

How To Block a Phone Number On Iphone


Blocking a phone number on a mobile device is a feature that prevents calls and messages from specific numbers. This functionality is useful for avoiding unwanted communications.

Blocking a phone number on an iPhone can be done through the phone settings or directly from the Phone app. Here are the steps for blocking a phone number on an iPhone:

Method 1: Using Phone Settings

  1. Open Settings:
    • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Phone”:
    • Scroll down the Settings menu and tap on “Phone.”
  3. Tap on “Call Blocking & Identification”:
    • Under the Phone settings, tap on “Call Blocking & Identification.”
  4. Tap on “Block Contact”:
    • Tap on “Block Contact” to add a phone number to the block list.
  5. Select the Contact:
    • Choose the contact or enter the phone number that you want to block.
  6. Confirm:
    • Confirm your selection to block the contact.

Method 2: Using Phone App

you can block phone number on iphone directly from iphone app

  1. Open Phone App:
    • Open the “Phone” app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Recents:
    • Navigate to the “Recents” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Find the Number:
    • Find the phone number that you want to block in the call log.
  4. Tap (i) Icon:
    • Tap the information (i) icon next to the phone number.
  5. Scroll Down and Tap “Block This Caller”:
    • Scroll down on the contact details screen, and tap on “Block this Caller.”
  6. Confirm:
    • Confirm your decision to block the contact.

Additional Tips:

  • To unblock a number, you can follow a similar process and choose to “Unblock” the contact.
  • If you receive unwanted calls from unknown numbers, you can enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” option in Settings > Phone to send them directly to voicemail.

Keep in mind that blocking a contact will prevent them from calling, messaging, or FaceTiming you. The blocked contact won’t be notified that they’ve been blocked, but they may notice that their calls and messages are not getting through.


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