July 14, 2024

how to do a paper fortune teller


Making a paper fortune teller, also known as a cootie catcher or chatterbox, is a fun and easy craft activity. Here are the steps to make one:

  1. Materials Needed:
    • Square piece of paper (you can use origami paper or cut a square from regular paper)
  2. Folding the Paper:
    • Start with the square piece of paper and fold it diagonally in half to form a triangle. Crease the fold well and then unfold it.
    • Next, fold the paper diagonally in the opposite direction to form a triangle again. Crease the fold well and then unfold it.
    • You should now have two diagonal creases forming an X on the paper.
  3. Folding the Corners:
    • Fold each corner of the paper inward towards the center point where the two diagonal creases intersect. Crease each fold well.
    • You should now have a smaller square shape with four folded flaps.
  4. Flipping the Paper:
    • Flip the paper over to the other side, so the folded flaps are facing down.
  5. Folding the Flaps:
    • Fold each of the four corners inward towards the center point. Crease each fold well.
    • You should now have a smaller square shape with four smaller flaps.
  6. Writing and Decorating:
    • Lift each of the four flaps and write different fortunes or messages underneath them. You can be creative and write anything you like, such as predictions, jokes, or words of wisdom.
    • You can also decorate the outside of the paper fortune teller with drawings, colors, or patterns.
  7. Using the Paper Fortune Teller:
    • To use the paper fortune teller, place your thumb and index finger into the four pockets underneath the flaps. Pinch them together to open and close the paper fortune teller.
    • Have someone choose a color or number from the outside of the fortune teller. Spell out the chosen color or number while moving the flaps open and closed. Then have them choose one of the visible numbers or colors.
    • Open the flap corresponding to the chosen number or color to reveal the fortune or message written underneath it.

Enjoy making and using your paper fortune teller! It’s a classic childhood craft that can provide hours of entertainment.

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