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Rooting means unlocking your device’s operating system so you can install unapproved apps and customize anything on your Android device. It is a process which should be done with lots of care because one wrong step can irreparably damage your phone.

One of the biggest positive point of rooting your device is to get rid of bloatware. There are lots of apps which helps you to root your device and some apps even save your data in the cloud.

There are lots of negative points as well of rooting your android device

  • if you root your device, the company will void the warranty of your device
  • There are some apps which will not gonna work on your device after rooting
  • If something goes wrong while rooting your device, your device will be damaged and will not work properly.

While rooting the device follow all the instructions carefully. Some device may take a minute to root while some take time to root.

We are going to use King root Apk to root our Android device. It’s the easiest way to root your android device and you don’t even have to use a computer to root your device.


Before rooting make sure that your phone is ready for rooting

  • Device power on
  • At least 50% charged
  • Internet connection
  • Allow installation from unknown sources.  Setting > security > unknown sources

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STEP 1:   First download king root Apk


The download will start automatically and If chromo warned you then click ok and continue


STEP 2:  If you didn’t allow your device to download the app from unknown sources during starting of the process then your device will promote you to install blocked


Now just follow your phone instructions and install this app from unknown sources.


STEP 3: Now just launch the app and start rooting. If you are rooting your device through this app then you don’t have to do anything. Click on “one click root” and your rooting will be start


STEP 4:  Now just wait until the result screen will appear


STEP 6:  Now, finally your device is rooted. Now you can do whatever you want to do but if you fail to root your device then try it again. This app has lots of rooting methods however, it will only run one at a time.



If you failed to root your device through this method after several trials then try the laptop version of the king root Apk.


Before rooting make sure your device is ready for it

  • Device is ON
  • The device must have at least 50% battery
  • Make sure the internet connection is good
  • USB Cable

STEP 1: Download King root Apk and install it.


STEP 2: Now double click on the icon on the desktop and launch the app. After launching the app you will see the interference shown in the following picture


STEP 3: Now plug in your device via USB cable

If your device driver is not installed then this app will do it automatically for you but if you are using windows 8 then you have to make some changes. The most likely issue you will encounter if you are using windows 8 is driver installation looping.


STEP 4:  Now allow USB Debugging mode in your mobile. It is the most necessary step to root your phone.


STEP 5:  After enable USB Debugging mode, Click “ROOT” and wait for a couple of minutes. During this process, your device may be rebooted several times so do not panic or unplug your device or do not start any operation once the process begins.


STEP 6: Hopefully your device will be rooted and do not start any operation until your device reboot itself.


STEP 7: If your device is perfectly rooted you will find the “SUPER USER” app in your device


Now, your device is rooted and you can now customize your phone.  Tell us what will you gonna do in your rooted device in the comment section below.

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