Rape of 20 girls under private coaching center at Coaching Center; The brawler with the teacher!!

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Social media has begun with a college teacher who has played a role in the Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat district.

Meanwhile, pornographic pictures of the teacher with multiple students have become viral on Facebook. The victims of the English department of Alimuddin College, Mehedi Hasan Sumon have destroyed the students behind the coaching center.

On Saturday night, social media Facebook published some objectionable pictures of the teacher with multiple students. Immediately the pictures spread everywhere. At the same time, with the teacher, criticism started. Besides, many people got down the road to punish the teacher.

Upazila Chhatra League and College Chhatra Dal gave a written complaint to the Principal of the college seeking exemplary punishment of the teacher on Sunday noon. The college administration assured that they should take necessary action after investigating the matter.

According to local sources, Mehdi Hasan Suman, a teacher of English department of Hatibandha Alimuddin College, Private study by coaching center rent a room beside the college. Sumon, who was raped many girls at different times under private cover. However, no student has complained about this.

It is known that the secret cameras were installed in the room of the coaching center in order to detect the mischief of the teacher. After the video was uploaded to the camera, objectionable images were published in social media.

Initially, a storm of criticism started in the area on Saturday in a Facebook status given by Hatibandha Upazila Chhatra League President Moshiur Rahman Mamun.

He wrote in his Facebook status, “The mask of Mr. Suman Master is not the same. Because the collegegirls who are lustful of that gangster master are not open to the fear of self-respect. However, if someone who is in trouble seeks help from us (Chhatra League), he will be helped to keep his identity confidential.

The people of different categories of people commented on the response to the Facebook status given by Chhatra League. There was a comment, ‘I have heard the video. If they do not need victims. He is the one who has the video.

A teacher from the local government primary school commented, ‘I am a teacher too. My little wisdom says that such a teacher can not be done. She is mentally ill. Subject to appropriate evidence, bring him to justice.

Someone uploaded the college teacher Suman’s photo in the Facebook commentary section. And many Facebook users have criticized local journalists for being silent about such incidents.

According to local sources, the teacher of English department of Hatibandha Alimuddin College opened the coaching center beside Mehedi Hasan Sumon College. There he taught pupils private. In the back of the coaching center, he made a bed of misdeeds. At one stage she raped more than one girl at different times.

In the hands of the teacher, 20 students were raped this day. However, a student alleged that no one was informed about the fear of family and honor.

The student alleged that many students were raped in this manner in the hands of teacher Sumon. But no one complained about this. Recently, pornography was being published with some students and the matter came to the notice of everyone. In addition, the liberation of Hatibandha started.


On the condition of disclosing the names, some local students said that the students have a pornographic video of the teacher in front of the students. And that side is pushing the issue in exchange for a huge amount of money.

However, the teacher Mehdi Hasan Sumon denied these issues, said, “I do not know anything about this.” Those who are making these happenings on Facebook are doing homogeneous family feuds.

Why not take legal action against them? Responding to such a question, he said, I was mentally upset. So sit in the family and take the next decision.

Hatibandha Alimudin College Principal Sarwar Hayat Khan said that he got written complaints against the teacher. A 5-member investigation committee has been formed in this connection. If proven, appropriate punishment will be made against that teacher.

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