July 14, 2024

SWF Maestro: The Maestro of Application Making


As the slogan says, with SWF Maestro you can finally bring your ideas to life. SWF Maestro is a comprehensive application maker that allows the users to easily create applications, screensavers, and even games to their own customization and compile them into an executable application.

I was very impressed with the functionality and ease of use of SWF Maestro’s products. They currently have 2 different versions of their product, one that enables you to make games, applications, and presentations, and the other is dedicated solely to screensavers. With the ability to import almost any type of media file imaginable including SWF files created in Adobe Flash or Flex, the options are limitless.

Within the compiler there are a number of features that allow for the full customization of your application such as the integration of context menus and the ability to store user defined data. All SWF Maestro applications are full screen mode and can have everything from the window size and functionality customized. As you upgrade to the Pro version of the software even more security features and user end functionality come into play. You have the ability to have an automated key generator and the ability to protect your files and data so that your ideas and work aren’t stolen. The most impressive piece of functionality in the Pro version, in my opinion, is the ability to limit the use of different keys to particular computers and the ability to protect your free trial versions by reminding users that they can purchase the full version at any point with a friendly pop up.

SWF Maestro makes business a breeze with no longer having to hire multiple programmers to code what may end up being a very simple application. In the world of business, time is money and SWF Maestro definitely saves both. You can get your ideas down and finally bring them to life.

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