July 14, 2024



There are thousands of smartphones available in the market so, selecting the phone which suits you best is a confusing process and we usually end up buying a phone which doesn’t suit us or the phone doesn’t match with our requirement. so, here is the list of things you should consider before buying a smartphone


Both have there own pros and cons for some individuals ios is best and for some android is better. If you want the latest apps with best security system then you should go for ios and if you want to customize your phone and want a phone with good battery life then you should go for Android



Next thing which you should consider is the price of the mobile phone. If you are just using your phone for calling, messaging, email, web browsing then you don’t have to waste your money on phones like iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9. You can go with some other phones like One Plus Six and you can go with Xiaomi as well.



If you want to use your phone with one hand and you are buying a smartphone for calls, messaging and web browsing then you should buy a phone with less than 5.5-inch display but if you want to play videos and games on your phone then you should go with a 5.5 inch display or 6 inch display because they give you the best gaming experience.



Most of the smartphones come with LED display or AMOLED display.  The main difference between the two is the projection light. LCD display is brighter and displays content brighter in sunlight while AMOLED display offers sharper contrast and more saturated colors but with the change in technology the difference between two is becoming is less.

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The processor is the main device on which the whole function of the phone. A good processor helps to open apps faster, smoother gameplay and quick photo editing. You should always go with the smartphone having the latest processor like if you are going to buy an android phone then the phone with the Snapdragon 835 Processor and if you want to buy iPhone then go with a model having A11 processor which is available on iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The latest processor gives you the best experience and helps to customize your phone easily.



Battery life is one of the main feature you should consider while buying a smartphone. Most of the people thinks the higher number of mAh giver more battery life but battery life depends upon some other factors like latest processor optimize the battery life while screens with higher resolutions consume more battery. So, you should not focus on the number of mAh only you should consider other factors as well and you should go with the smartphone having a battery of more than 3,000mAh.



Now a days, smartphone manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of the camera. companies are paying more attention to the megapixels, auto focus,  manual features, special selfie features etc. and smartphones are becoming more like a digital camera.

while considering a camera quality usually we focus on the numbers of megapixels we shouldn’t focus on megapixels only we should consider other things as well like auto focus, camera lens, and pixels size.

When it comes to video you shouldn’t focus on resolution only you should also consider the lens, frame rate and stability of the footage.



Another thing you should consider while buying a smartphone is it’s RAM and internal space. If you love to play games like Asphalt, PUBG etc. then go with the smartphone having 4GB or more RAM. If you use a smartphone for simple purpose then you can go with 2GB or higher please avoid the smartphone with 1 GB RAM. The more RAM your smartphone has the more smoothly it works.

Now a days some phones don’t allow you to insert memory card so choose the smartphone with higher internal space and don’t just go with the numbers you should also check the space covered by the space covered by the preinstalled apps. You should go with the phone having at least 32GB of space. If your phone has an option of 4K videos then go with 64GB

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