July 12, 2024

Orgone Energy: Some People Still Believe In It


Entropy is the tendency towards disorder within our universe. According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the entropy of a closed system never decreases. This means that eventually, the universe will be completely disordered. Think nothing but individual protons and photons stretching out for eternity with no solid mass anywhere in all of creation.

Kind of depressing, I guess.

Orgone energy was proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich as a counter to the force of entropy. This type of energy is was said to be a form of “life energy” that springs from human libido. Yeah, sex energy. Look at the word “orgone.” This was mostly influenced by the word “orgasm” though it also could also relate to a shared root word that, translated from Greek, means “excitement.” Either way, it doesn’t actually exist.

Orgone energy was said to exhibit similar properties to magnetic fields except replacing ferrous materials with organic materials. Reich believed that orgone energy flowed across the Earth and could be disturbed by natural phenomena. He believed that it was attracted to organic material and transmitted by metallic materials. Also, organic material that was in an orgone energy field would emit a blue glow that could only be seen under a microscope. Also, the only one that could see it was Wilhelm Reich. No one ever successfully reproduced any of his experiments. It is believed that he may have originally seen a blue glow when observing a radium-contaminated soil sample and incorrectly concluded that this was life-force energy rather than the moderately dangerous alpha radiation that was actually being emitted.

Reich was heavily influenced by Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and it showed in his work. He believed that subtle influences in human actions could be traced back to their life energy. Reich believed that mental neuroses were because of imbalances in life energy. Orgone energy was often used as an explanation in situations where scientific theory was currently lacking.

Naturally, the next leap of logic would be collecting life energy to use to heal people with. Reich developed “orgone collectors” that he used in his experiments. Eventually, he would be shut down by the FDA for attempting to use this quackery in medicine.

Despite being shut down by the FDA and shunned by the medical community, the belief in Orgone could not be stopped. It has continued in popular culture and has been adopted in many alternative medical communities such as Reiki healing and Vitalism. Above, you can see a picture of some type of orgone healing pendant. Despite it being debunked before anyone reading this article was born, we still see things like this being bought and sold in stores. That particular orgone healing crystal is supposed to ward away EMF radiation, purify the atmosphere, and convert negative energy into positive energy. Don’t let the poorly inlaid wire fool you, this thing is definitely, totally not a scam. They even “tested it with a pendulum” to make sure that it was emitting orgone energy.


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